Pet Styling Services

New Clients are Welcome but please understand there may be up to a 1 week wait period to scheduling an appointment for weekends. We book up fast especially on Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays.

"Maintenance Grooming"

- Bath (Ultra Conditioning Shampoo)

- Blow Dry by hand (no cage drying)

- Thorough brush and comb out.

- Ear cleaning (plucking if needed and cleaned)

- Nails (Clipped and filed)

- Pads (trimmed)

- Sanitary trim

- Light trimming around face and feet ONLY. 

                          "Full Grooming"

- Bath (2 Shampoos chosen according to skin and coat type)


- Blow Dry by hand (no cage drying)

- Thorough brush and comb out.

- Ear cleaning (plucking if needed and cleaned)

- Nails (Clipped and filed)

- Pads (trimmed)

- Sanitary trim

- Full body haircut styled to your desires. 





is the life...

Dematting costs depends on the severity of the matts.  We use high quality shampoos and conditioners that will normally release most tangles overall saving you money.  We try our hardest to be gentle and efficient as possible but sometimes the matts are too severe and just might have to be clippered to help start fresh with a new coat.  Your sweetie will feel better overall and can grow it back within 6-8 weeks. We choose humanity over vanity every time.


We want you to get your

money's worth  with our teeth brushing so we

don't just do a quick one-two brushing.  We

actually brush each and every tooth in addition to

massaging the gums. We will also let you know if there is anything notable


Plaque Clenz! An amazing product that is a two part system.  We first spray the dogs teeth and after 30 minutes, scale off the hard plaque.  The results are amazing and is great dental maintenace for inbetween your regular vet dentals.

Hand Stripping is a service that many groomers choose not to provide beacause it is time consuming and hard on the hands.  But Cassandra has been hand stripping dogs for many years and can correctly hand strip breeds transforming your pup!


Color Dye Jobs is another fun service we provide!  This modern and trendy look for dogs has owners smilin' and tails waggin'!

Mud/Spa Treatment!  Doggies need

pampering too sometimes and this treatment

your dog will LOVE.  After shampooing, we

massage a high quality mud mask to your dog's

skin and let him soak wrapped in a warm towel

for 10 minutes.  The mud is especially nice for

dogs with itchy, irritated skin. 









Additional Services

- Dematting - $1.00 per minute (

- Deshedding -$1.00 per minute

- Teeth Brushing -$10.00

- Plaq Clenz - $50.00 and up

- Hand Stripping -$140 an hour

- Color/Dye jobs - $20 and up

- Mud/Spa Treatment - $20

- Nail Trim plus filing -$20

- Anal Glands-$20

- Straight Through Appointments

                     -Small breeds $30   (1-1.5 hour time frame)

                     -Medium  breeds $40 (2-2.5 hour time frame)

                      - Large breeds $50 (3 hour time frame) 

-Patience Fee (Hard to handle pups) Starts at $40                                                      

Smaller breeds can be completed within a

4-5 hour time. Larger breeds up to 5-6 hours.

All time depends on condition of the coat,

grooming technique/style, and behavior of

the dog. Straight trough appointments are available for an additional fee.