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Wags and welcomes!

Meet our Professional Pet Stlist.


Cassandra Reed started her first grooming job in 2003, and hasn't put her scissors down since! Since she started she has attended at least one grooming seminar per year to continue her education. Going to these grooming seminars has educated her on the best grooming techniques, products, proper dog handling, dog behavior, and correct breed standards including those technically inclined styles. 
In her grooming career journey, Cassandra has had many positive experiences. One of her most memorable points in time was 5 years ago.  Out of 3,500 applicants, she was selected to participate on the grooming reality show "Groomer Has It" season 2.  This was a nationally broadcasted show in which she came in an impressive 4th place!
Cassandra has a love for dogs and dogs love her too! She set out to create Pinnacle Pet Spa & More to give everyone a great place to just make everyone happy and give them peace of mind while their babies are out of their own hands.


If you want a safe, high quality groom, look no further than Pinnacle!









Perfection in the form of a dog groom, another great job but coming from a former TV dog grooming celebrity I would expect nothing less.
~ Patrick K. - Alexandria


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